General warehouse

We know that buying and selling products to anonymous people online can be an unsettling experience, especially when it comes to expensive items.

From computer hardware to luxury goods, you can buy and sell goods around the world safely and easily with the protection of B & W Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH’s five-tier payment service.

The advantages of general goods storage with us

Both buyers and sellers benefit from using B & W Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH as a neutral third party to monitor and process the exchange of payments and goods.

Peace of mind for sellers

The buyer transfers the agreed payment to B & W Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH and we then instruct the seller to send the goods to the buyer. Protected from fraudulent checks and money order fraud, the seller has the certainty that the money is behind the shield of B & W Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH. B & W Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH tracks the goods to confirm when they have been received by the buyer and the inspection period begins.

Confidence for buyers

We do not release the money to the seller until the goods have been received and approved by the buyer. This offers online buyers the same security as offline buyers.