Don’t worry, the buyer will not receive the deposited funds without your consent.

If you have shipped the goods or provided the service and the buyer does not release the money, you can start the automatic payment period.

If the buyer stops the automatic payment, the money will not be resent until the buyer releases the money, accepts a price adjustment, or cancels the escrow payment.

If no agreement can be reached with the buyer, the money will remain securely in the escrow account until the court verdict, as B & W Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH is not involved in the underlying transaction. This protects you as a seller from payment defaults and reduces your prepayment risk.

If needed, our price match feature will help you get to a deal faster.

The willingness to process the payment exclusively via a trustee service underlines the seriousness and seriousness of those involved.

First things first: B & W Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH ensures that funds are not paid out or reversed without your consent.

Note that in very few cases it is actually a scam.

The willingness to handle the purchase transaction exclusively via a trustee service underlines the seriousness and seriousness of those involved.

Transfers from an EU country to B & W Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft GmbH can take up to 2 working days, transfers from outside the EU up to 4 working days, in exceptional cases up to 6 working days. Please note that bank transfers are not processed on weekends. Non-euro transfers within the EU are processed as international payments and may take longer.

Please also check that you have entered the correct reference for your transfer. You can see the purpose of the payment in the escrow payment detail view by clicking on “Show transfer details”. If you have not given a reason for payment or have given an incorrect reason for payment, please send us a copy of your bank transfer receipt to kontakt@bundw-recht.de.

Note that the payment reason differs from the transaction code and a new payment reason is created for each payment.

We will process your withdrawal as soon as possible. Withdrawals to accounts within the EU usually arrive after 2 working days, withdrawals to accounts outside of the EU can in rare cases take up to 6 working days. Please note that payments are not processed on weekends and public holidays.

The duration also depends on the country of your bank. If there is a national holiday in the country where your bank account is registered, the value date may also be delayed.

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